Minutes from September 8, 2019

  • Create the Competition Teams
  • Make sure people know what to expect when they decide to join

  • Figure out how teams are chosen
  • Have the teams compete to do a certain thing
  • Judging will be based on pre-determined criteria
  • Team points listed on leaderboards (on website/Discord)

  • Size of teams - smaller the better?
  • Maybe anybody can make their own team (with an application form)

  • Called “Design Leagues” - they’re the goal of Innovate Trent
  • Should they have their own page on website/own site? - maybe a completely different page

  • Incentives for winning:
    • Badges
  • Advertising informally can be done at EC Hacks 2019

Competition Teams Page:

  • Description
  • News about competition teams, events, leaderboards, etc.
  • Put actual prizes on each list
  • Squares for each team with one logo - maybe separate page and who’s on the team and badges

Merge pull requests to create/edit teams

  • Post tutorial on how to do it
  • JSON form maybe on back-end
  • Maybe even Discord bots/themes
  • Person dedicated to the team onboarding process
  • Web forms?

Work on a pitch

  • What we’re doing
  • Where to go (meeting times) - put on website
  • Link Discord profiles on team members

Bi-weekly - Friday - starting this Friday (10-12)

  • Investigate indellible Discord IDs in developer mode
    • Unlocking emotes with badges? - getting bots to delete emotes unless you have the badge to use them?
    • Dynamically-get the picture from their Discord for the teams site
  • Sean will be handling the Twitter

  • Maybe use TOML to store the team’s data

  • Fix CodeRcar for Wednesday

  • How do we pick teams
    • Sorting hat bot?
  • There should be a ranking system - different levels of badges

  • We need a bank account at some point - keep track of receipts in the mean-time

  • For Wednesday:
    • Big sheet of paper with all the links so people can take pictures and QR Codes
    • Sign-up sheet for e-mails or Google Spreadsheet?
    • Maybe get a banner printed if it doesn’t take too long
    • Bring lots of tape so wind doesn’t destroy our table’s setup
  • Other marketing stuff:
    • Make posters
    • Google Calender on website?
    • Media is a really important thing right now; once we get more people we can figure things out
    • Replace Big Buck Bunny with a quickie intro slideshow

3 Teams - Red, Blue, Green

  • R - Josh, Matthew
  • G - Sean
  • B - Devon

First Challenge for the Competition Teams:

  • Sell me this pen

  • Get a list of skills that people can do/are good at doing

  • Make a budget before anything else financial is done

  • Keep people active in the Discord with emoji/reactions and stuff

  • Make roles/subchannels in the Discord for each page

  • Imagine - Create - Compete: the new motto